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About Aldamar German Shepherds

Hello and welcome to Aldamar German Shepherds, a world class German shepherd breeder in Texas. The German Shepherd dog is one of the most respected and admired dogs throughout the world. They are known for there extreme working abilities, noble characteristics and foremost for being the best family companion and protector.

Growing up I was introduced to the German Shepherd at a very young age. I purchased my first Female German Shepherd puppy from a local ”Back Yard Breeder”. I had very high hopes for her to become the ultimate family companion and guard dog. I began to notice some faults with her behavior and genetic issues in her early ages. After extensive research about the breed and multiple visits to some of the truly famous Kennels in the USA and Germany, I have realized that there was a tremendous difference in the breeding requirements and pedigrees that you would see in your local breeders. The anatomy, working abilities and temperament are just a few of the important traits your dog should have.

Here at Aldamar German Shepherds in Texas we take pride in only breeding the top-producing German lines with all these key ingredients. All of our German shepherd dogs that are in our breeding program are required to have elbow and hip certifications before breeding. We are also active enthusiasts in the Schutzhund sport. This really puts the German Shepherd Dog through a true mental and physical test. Our dogs are true family companions and live in the home with our children and participate in all parts of daily life. They are not kennel dogs! This is very important to know when you are purchasing puppies. Well-socialized parents will have an influence on the puppies you purchase.

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