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Choosing the Right GSD

The first step to choosing the right German Shepherd Dog is to find a good breeder. Now, who is a good breeder? How can you find him? All I can say is that a good German Shepherd Dog breeder is the one who doesn’t breed for money. Secondly, a good breeder breeds for quality and is known for the quality of puppies he breeds. Once you locate a good breeder, you should look for the other criterion while choosing the correct puppy. Remember, a breeder is not just anyone who owns a female dog who has litter! A breeder is the one who plans litters with proper research in the pedigree of the Sire and Dam.

Temperament is something very important. This is the one most important thing that makes a puppy fit or unfit for your family. It’s only after a thorough evaluation of the litter as a whole that you can pick the right puppy. Don’t let the cute playful faces choose you. Most of the first-time dog owners make mistakes by letting the puppies choose them, instead of the reverse. Mentally good puppies are friendly, trusting and curious. They won’t stiff themselves when picked. They should approach you without hesitation, crawl into your lap and start chewing your fingers. A German Shepherd Dog with a sound temperament can make a sound companion.

See the parents of the litter. Evaluate the way they interact with each other when kept together. See how both of them interact with you as a stranger. Look at the signs of the unwarranted aggression towards you. Remember adult German Shepherd Dogs have their own unique valor and should have the right degree of aggression. If they are over aggressive, it’s a bad sign altogether. Over aggression and shyness are both behavioral faults, which are genetically transferred on to the litter.

Structure and bones are the next very important things to look for while choosing your German Shepherd puppy. Notice your prospective puppy moving around carefully before paying for it. He should have the right German Shepherd top line, proper curve of stifle, and bones should be strong enough.

The pictures that I have posted are of 12 week old male puppies , as you can see the proper bone structure and pigmentation of a good German Shepherd puppy.

Puppy’s lineage is another vital thing to look for, although its hard to determine it unless you’re experienced in choosing German Shepherd Dogs.

General Criterion like other health issues are to be considered before picking up the puppy. The movement of a healthy German Shepherd puppy should be effortless and the puppies should be playful.

This is our job and responsibility as breeders to choose the right puppy for your home. Please call us today and let Aldamar German Shepherds provide your world class companion.

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