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I want to thank you for the quality of puppy you have supplied me. He already has the confidence of full grown dog. His intelligence seems to be off the chart. He is quick to learn and willing to please. When he met my two grandchildren he was very playful with the 8 yr old grandson and very calm and caring to the 9 month old granddaughter. On a few occasions he has seen what he perceived as a threat and became very protective. He saw my shadow on the fence while we were outside late Sunday night. He ran in front of me and stood his ground, even when I darted and moved the shadow. I cannot begin to tell you how impressed I am. After 1 day of work, he comes to the front, sits and waits for his treat.

Again, thank you for truly supplying a “World Class Aldamar German Shepherd”.


My husband and I had the best experience at Aldamar German Shepherds breeding. Ryan was so helpful and taught us so much about the history of their breeding, the lineage and gave us great tips on care. He even sent us home with vitamins for the dogs, a huge bag of dog food and some fabulous dog toys. I felt completely confident that we had made the right choice after checking out the kennels and the dogs there. Loki is the best boy, so smart and already trained. I couldn’t recommend Aldamar more if you are looking for a true German Shepherd.
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